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Our history

Established in 1980, EMMEVI gained a great experience in the field of the production of screws - bolts - fasteners and it is a sure datum point for any varied and demanding costumer.

Since 1997, EMMEVI operates in its current large structure of 5.500 m2 (2.300 m2 in-door). The main office in located in Gallarate (Varese) via Monte Leone very close to Malpensa International Airport. Since 1999, EMMEVI characterize itself as an attested company on the application of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 law (certificate n. 1213/3).

EMMEVI can ensure large and complete supplies of imprinted general articles and can also ensure large supplies of mechanical well-rounded articles coming from costumers technical drawings. All this can happen thanks to the professionalism of EMMEVI counting house; to the dynamism of its agents; to the ability of its technical office and to its well-timed logistic service. EMMEVI net is made of attes ted suppliers on the application of ISO 9000 laws.

Moreover, EMMEVI ensures the quality and reliability of its products thanks to a careful control of its raw materials. The quality control includes the heat-treatments, the surfa-ce processing and the geometrical and dimensional precisions of the goods. If required, EMMEVI can release conformity statement and technical certificates to its costumers.

The materials treated and supply from EMMEVI are:
  • Stainless Steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • Steel Rules
  • Brass
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Nylon
  • PVC
  • others on request
EMMEVI has been wisely administrated by its owner Bortolo Maddalena for 30 years and now, thanks to his son Federico, the company is moving to a constant and innovative bu-siness increase. With its traditional reliability and politely, EMMEVI represent an efficient and skilled partner for your business.